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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Things that piss me off about ebay. Methods of shipping.

So I got a 2001 Topps Chrome Pro Bowl Eric Moulds Patch(these are actually patches) quite some time ago. These cards appear to be 120pt, so pretty thick. Some dude wedged this thing into a 100 pt toploader. I could see that the toploader was putting tons of pressure on the corners and potentially damaging to it. So I tried to pull it out. It would not budge. Not even a little. I had to cut the card out. I have no idea how he got this thing in there.

Last night I got an 06-07 topps clutch city Tim Duncan All Star Jersey. These cards are 75pt. This card was shoved into a regular card thickness toploader. Ugh! I didnt have to cut it out, but the penny sleeve is toast. Loser.

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