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Friday, November 28, 2008

Update on First Person Gets em Giveaway.

As promised I began sorting my cards today for the give away:


As you can see, I buried in cards. So, in order to get these cards out in a timely fashion, I may do the following. Those of you that signed up for Baseball will receive a card storage box of baseball, signed up for football will receive football and then if you choose, you can trade amongst yourself.

Frankly, I didn't realize how many cards I had and it took me two and a half hours just to get them sorted by sport. I will sort many of them by team, such as my finest, threads, gear, etc, but the topps baseball and football will be sent out randomly.


Wax Heaven said...

Me! Please?

stusigpi said...


Email me your address so I can send out some Marlins to you.


Captain Canuck said...

is this from way back when you had a bunch of us list our favourite teams?

White Sox Cards said...

That's a lot of cards!!!

stusigpi said...

Yes Capn' it is. I have been sorting for a while tonight and am about halfway there on Baseball.

Baseball will go out next week.

Aron said...

is this open to anyone or just the bloggers? and second why are you just giving them away?

stusigpi said...


This is open to everyone. The 'Stros are taken, but the Royals are yours.


for the list.

The reason i am doing this is because I have far too many cards that many of the readers will appreciate far more than I.

As for why I am doing this? I have been down this road before, I had 200,000-300,000 cards at one time and did nothing but drag them around on every move and finally got sick of it. I kept all my stars and a few random cards, but as you can tell from the box breaks that I do, I end up with a bunch of cards that I know people will enjoy.

White Sox Cards said...

Hopefully I am down for some White Sox cards. :)

RoofGod said...

I would certainly appreciate any Tigers.