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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Upper Deck Fail! (minor win!)

I finally received a response to my upper deck damaged card replacement. As many of you do not know, I busted 5 boxes of 2008 UD Heroes Baseball. Many of the cards were off center, while a few were just machine damaged. On card was a Bo Jackson Jersey and another was a Tim Hudson Jersey.

Although I commend UD on their quick turn around, they basically sent the cards back to me with two letters:

They did include 3 packs and here is where the minor win comes in. Out of three packs I got the following:

Weird! Anyway, nothing great, but a jersey and an auto out of three packs?

Maybe this was UD's attempt to make me feel better about the shipping, and it worked, but the replacement policy has got to go. It is obvious to me that the card companies make it as difficult as they can to get your cards replaced and it is only worth it (maybe) if it is a hit or a serial. Although they spent more in shipping my damaged cards back to me then they were worth.

I am going to try again with the Bo and Hudson. The funny thing is that I did specifically list the cards, but to no avail. Note to Upper Deck, Topps, and Donruss. Fix your policies! 40 cards at a time is not enough, and in my original policies post that I am too lazy to link to, UD's wasn't precisly clear, but I did suspect they meant it was a 40 card at a time, limit.

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