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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

2 packs 2007-08 SP Authentic Basketball

I was going to try to find the actual value of the cards that I got in my two packs of Sp Authentic Basketball. There are 24 packs per box and on Ebay the boxes seem to run $85 shipped at the cheapest. That is a good $3.50 a pack. Anyway, the shop from the post below has them at $6 a pack and I offered the guy $5 each for two. Here are the results. Ugh!

Here are the 10 cards in no particular order because it doesn't matter how I mix and match them into a pack but I think this is the order they came in:

Andrei Kirilenko
Jason Kidd
Chris Paul
Stephon Marbury
Ray Allen
Hakim Warrick
Dirk Nowitzki
TJ Ford
Elton Brand
Mike Bibby

No inserts, rookies anything, just base. In all fairness I did get some stars, but please. This is seriously $1.00 worth of cards if you can sell them. No value or perceived value. What a waste of money. Anybody disagree?


Captain Canuck said...

not that I'm a big $5 a pack spender or anything... but if I spent $10 and got that....... I'd be pissed.
Yet another reason why I've pretty much resigned myself to buying boxes, or singles.

stusigpi said...

Awesomely bad foil indeed.

Ross said...


fuji said...

That's unfortunate... Today's question of the day: Will you ever buy packs from that shop again?

stusigpi said...


I probably will not. This is exactly why "support the local shop" is BS. All shops do this crap to a certain degree, whether it be ripping people off on trades, selling cards with defects and not disclosing them.

I will not. Even if it is from a sealed box, it is the principle of the thing. I will still buy supplies from them only because it is cheaper for me to do that.

fuji said...

I'm the same way. I visit card shops for supplies and every now and then a single. All wax is purchased online. Keep up the great blogs.