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Sunday, December 28, 2008

2004-05 Fleer Ultra Basketball Box Break

Some of the late 90's-05 stuff intrigues me because of how much the wax cost at the time of release as opposed to what was possible to pull and the current cost.

Fleer Ultra Basketball is one of them because of the rookies and the limited print run. Fleer inserts a Lucky 13 or 14 shortprint set in their basketball and football products. In 2004 the Lucky 13 were limited to just 500 copies. Each card in the set has a Gold Medallion parallel and a Platinum Parallel /100. The Gold Parallel Lucky 13 are not serial numbered but the Platinum are /13.

24 packs/8 cards/$25 shipped

The following insertion rates apply:
12 rookies: 1 in 4
Lucky 13 /500 1 in 100
Gold Medallion Rookies: 1 in 8
Platinum Medallion: 1 in 30 Packs
Platinum Lucky 13 1 in 3500 packs, Damn.
Game Used: 1 in 12
Auto: 1 in 72

The Base set is classic or not so classic Ultra. There are 175 base cards. I didn't bother to try and build a set because frankly I just didn't care. I do know that I didn't get any doubles. Here are a couple rookies:
I didn't get any of the lucky 12 /500.

Gold Medallion:
Not too bad, the good rookies go for a few dollars on ebay. Dwight Howard was actually the card I was going for. I did pick up a Ben Gordon on the bay for a couple bucks.
LeBron 2nd year Medallion. Pretty happy with that. You get one per pack, but when you get a rookie medallion you get two medallions per pack.

Platinum Medallion /100: I got one.

Inserts: The inserts are classic Ultra. I don't think they have changed the design since the late 90's. Pretty happy with the Kobe.

Jerseys: The jersey cards are essentially parallels of the inserts. All of the ultra jersey cards I have seen have been single color. There are some Jumbo swatches available and are numbered to /100 /25/10 or player jersey number.
D-Wayne Wade /149. I am almost certain this is a jersey from his rookie year. It is possible they picked this up from early in his second year.

Autos: I didn't get no stinking autos.

I am very satisfied with this box. Not too expensive, decent rookies possible, 2 GU on average. Now may be the time to go back and pick one of these or similar years up as the prices have probably bottomed out.

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