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Thursday, December 18, 2008

2005 Topps Finest Football Box Break Review Box 1 of 2

2005 Topps Finest Football Box Break Review Box 1 of 2

Finest products have always intrigued me because of the multiple autos per Hobby Box, the refractors, and the relative limited nature in which they are produced. I have done pretty well with the 08 Finest Football Boxes I have opened thus far and so I was anxious to open these.

The Box Topper: Peyton Manning Insert Set /599. These are ok, but I think I would rather have an extra regular refractor in my box than get these.

The Base: The base design is ok. The splotchy black ink in the red squares is a bit weird. It looks more like a print defect than anything else. There are 120 cards in the base non rookie set. I got no doubles and got 64 out of 120.

The Rookie Base: These are numbered 121-150. I got 15 with one double. Pretty happy here in that I got a substantial number of these. I haven't sorted my second box to see if I was able to complete the rookie set yet.

High Number rookies: These are numbered 151-168. These are the rookie autos. The rookie autos do not have numbers on them.

Rookie Autos: Alex Smith Xfractor Auto 50/250, Darren Sproles, Dan Orlovsky Refractor

Refractors: /399 Drew Bennett, Eli Manning, Muhsin Muhammad
XFractor: /250 Chris Chambers, Michael Bennett
Blue: /299 Kevin Barlow
Black: Jeremy Shockey /99
Gold: Lee Suggs /49

Over all I am pretty happy with this box. It once again beats the heck out of chrome. For the price, if not a little less, of two chrome boxes you get 3 autos instead of 2, better refractors, and best of all, no redemptions. These are pretty cheap at $60 a box and I doubt you will find a better value out there. If you are like me and didn't buy any of these when they came out, now is as good of time as any to fill in those holes in your collection.

Best hit so far Alex Smith XFractor Auto


Motherscratcher said...

Those are pretty cool looking cards. I've liked all of the Finest products that I've seen.

Too bad you didn't pull that Alex Smith 3 years ago.

stusigpi said...

I have really liked the finest that I have bought so far. The weakest has been the 07-08 basketball. Compared to Finest, Chrome is the 5'2" 220 lb gimp.

I wish I could have checked out some box breaks a few months back, I would have picked this stuff up sooner.