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Thursday, December 18, 2008

2006 Topps Finest Football 3 box average contest

2006 Topps Finest Football 3 box average contest. I wanted to get this posted a couple of days before the breaks.

Please post your guess as to what the best hit will be. The series, player and then team. The team can be a different one than the player plays on. The team is used as a tie breaker if no one guesses the player.

2006 Topps Finest Football Info


Alex said...

Signature Series
Emmitt Smith
Tennessee Titans

Slette said...

Signature Series
Chad Greenway
Dallas Cowboys

If you happen to pull a Greenway, even base, I'd love to set up a trade for it, and try to say thanks for the big mailday you gave me last week.

burnsee2 said...

Signature Series
Reggie Bush

Captain Canuck said...

finest auto
Matt Leinart

and thanks!

Jared said...

Signature Series
Greg Jennings
Green Bay

Ross said...

finest auto
steve smith