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Monday, December 22, 2008

2006 Topps Finest Football Box 3 of 3 Review Break

Box 3 of 3

The Box Topper: Unitas Refractor. Johnny U doing his best Donald Trump impression. Awesome.

The Base Set: I managed to get 22 for my set, that puts me up to 122 of 150 for the set. Frankly, I'm a little disappointed that 3 boxes didn't get me a set, but I did get plenty of stars and 3 Devin Hesters.

Autos: Drew Olson Green Xfractor /50, Tavaris Jackson Green Refractor, and Cory Rodgers. Has Drew Olson done anything in his career? Yeah, no. The Tavaris Jackson is nice though. He ran wild over the Falcons, but it wasn't enough. I think he can develop into a really good QB. AD's fumbles didn't help the cause.

Refractors:Dante Hall Xfractor, Rudi Johnson and Ray Lewis

Blue: 2 Xfractors Rivers and TJ, 3 Regular Portis and Mcnabb


Black: Cromartie Black Xfractor 1/25
Sweet card. This guy is pretty good and he had that field goal run back for 109 yards a season or two ago. Plus its a 1/1 cause its 1 of 25 others but its number 1 so that, um never mind.

I have to say I could open these boxes all day and tomorrow. I can't say enough good things about them. I got these from DA cardworld, of course I paid for them, and its obvious to me that you can trust getting your wax from them.

All is not well in the land of Finest however. Look for a box break tomorrow that will show you why. Also, look for my 3 boxes of 08 Football Masterpieces starting Wednesday.

So I am trying to decide whether the Jennings green refractor auto, the Jackson Green refractor auto or the Cromartie Black Xfractor is the best hit I got. The printing plate is ok, but its of a nobody.


Pastor Justin said...

I say the T-Jack auto and as a side note. I really, really want that T-Jack auto.

stusigpi said...

I may just pick a random number to see. I know the Cromartie isn't an auto, but still its nice. Jennings as done really well in his career so far. Its a toss up.

Pastor Justin said...

What player(s) do you like because I would love to trade for the T-Jack.

The T-Jack has a higher upside, but if we are going on "current" status I would say that the Greg Jennings is probably the best card. (However in sale terms they would probably be about even)