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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2007-08 Topps Finest Basketball Box Break Review Three

Before I am off to the card shop to buy a couple three boxes, some plastic sheets, some toploaders and a binder, I thought I would post this box break. Yes, that card shop.

This is my third box of 2007-08 Finest Basketball. This should have been the fourth, but an ebay seller ripped me off. Anyway...I paid $51 shipped. 1 box/3minibox/6 packs/5 cards. The rookies fall 2 per pack with one refractor, auto, or redemption per pack. The redemptions are 1 per mini box as are the autos.

The Base Set: I didn't bother trying to build a set of these, although I think I would have gotten one. Here are some rookies:

The redemptions: I got 2 18's, one black /99 and one NON REFRACTOR. Every redemption I have gotten has been a refractor but this one 8 of 9. In fact, I didn't know they made non refractor versions. These expire sometime on June 30, 2009:

The autos: I have yet to see a decent auto come out of these boxes. I sure haven't got one out of the 3 boxes I have opened. I found a couple other box breaks out there that didn't get anything either. This is a direct contrast to the football finest that even with Topps' /40 crap they pulled. I am sure the good autos are out there, I just can't seem to get one.

Refractors: Finally a good refractor: Greg Oden

Blue Refractor: Not too bad here The Admiral and Bill Russell
It should be noted that these are much rarer than the football blue refractors. The Basketball are /199 whereas the football are not numbered with the exception of the finest moments football that are /299

Green Refractor /149:
The football are /299 with the exception of the finest moments that are /199

I didn't get a black refractor, like football they are /99 but I did get Gold:
Pau Gasol /25, sweet.
The football are /50 so are the baseball.

So there you have it. These boxes are not good. I haven't gotten a good auto in three boxes. The redemptions have been ok, but not great. The basketball finest 06-07 and 07-08 are priced way below same year football and baseball for a reason, the stars just don't fall as often. I would open these all day at $30-$40.

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