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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2007 Upper Deck Baseball Masterpieces 3 Box Average Contest

It's time.

Time for the first 3 Box Average Contest.

Product: 2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces Baseball

Number of Boxes: 3, duh

Each box has:

1 Autograph, & 3 Memorabilia cards
12 Parallel cards, Possible 1/1 cards,Artist paintings

Rules: Leave a comment. In the comment leave what you think the best hit is going to be. The Checklist can be found here. For example if you think my best hit is going to be a 2007 5x7 Painting Box Topper Signed, thats what you would put in yout comment. In addition, you pick a player, say A-rod, and a team say Orioles.

Your comment would look like this

2007 5x7 Painting Box Topper Signed

The first tie breaker is the player, the second is the team. If you are the only person that picks 2007 5x7 Painting Box Topper Signed and that's my best hit, you win. If more than one person picks 2007 5x7 Painting Box Topper Signed and thats my best hit, then I check to see out of those two people if someone got the right player, if not, then I check to see if they got the right team.

You can pick the same series of hit as someone else, but if you do, you can't pick the same player or team, those are the tie breakers. I am doing it this way to allow maximum participation.

The decision as to what my best hit is, is up to me. If it is close, i may ask for input. Say I get a Cal Ripken 1/1 but then I get a Griffey Jr. 3clr patch/auto. I hope I have to make that choice. Any questions?

The PRIZE. The prize is all of the cards I pull minus the hits, the parallels, unless I pull doubles of them, and any other card I choose to keep. This should result in quite a few cards for the winner. They will be shipped free of charge to the winner. If I have no winner, I will draw a random name.


Captain Canuck said...

Josh Hamilton

I love your contests! They are so obscure. Awesome.

White Sox Cards said...

Stroke Of Genius
Cliff Lee

Cardboard Addiction said...

Stroke of Genious
Brooks Robinson
Filadelfia Fillies

Jared said...

Stroke of Genius
Jonathan Papelbon

Alex said...

Stroke of Genius

Dan said...

Stroke of Genius
Tony Gwynn
Baltimore Orioles

Anonymous said...

SOG Auto
Justin Hampson

steveisjewish said...

sox - red

DaveH said...

Stroke of Genius
Jeremy Sowers

word verification: teafeler
a 'feler' who drinks tea - might be a Southern thang.

Anonymous said...

Stroke of Genius
Cole Hamels

Chris S said...

stroke of genius
Franklin Big Hurt Thomas
chicago cubs

stusigpi said...

If I get some of the cards listed, I may have a stroke. I would be psyched to get a Lincecum a Thomas, a Brooks Robinson.

Aron said...

Stroke of Genius
Don Mattingly

zips_99 said...

Stroke of Genius
Mike Schmidt

Slette said...

Stroke of Genius
Joe Mauer

AdamE said...


dayf said...

2007 5x7 Painting Box Topper Signed
Don Mattingly

If no one else is going to pick the box topper, I may as well do it...

Anonymous said...

Dammit, I new I should of said Hill. Theres a TON of those out there, and he's a player I collect. Should've gone with my gut on that one. If you're interested in trading it, lmk

stusigpi said...

Two more boxes to come, you never know what I might have pulled. Second box will be posted tonight.