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Sunday, December 14, 2008

2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces Baseball Box 1 of 3

From a collector's standpoint, this is an absolutely beautiful set. I had seen these cards before, but I can't say enough about them.

I paid $44 for the box shipping was free. 18 packs/4 cards/4 hits/ 1 5x7 Box topper.

The checklist can be found here: 2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces Baseball

The box topper: Babe Ruth. The box toppers are nice and I might even get a frame to put this in and display it in my office.

The Base Set: 90 card base set. I was hoping it was bigger. I received no doubles in the first box. I got 64 out of 90 for the set. Very, very nice cards. They don't feel cheap at all. The quality control was good, although I have seen breaks with damaged cards. No gloss, no foil finish other than the stamping. The retired player cards are great, not good, great. I am not a big fan of retired players being included in every set, but this fits. Can't tell if its the classic jerseys or what it is, but the retired cards are sweet.
Ruth and Gehrig
That Ozzie Smith is awesome.
The rookies. Andrew Miller-Jo! Dice K not pictured.

Parallels: Flat out too many of these, but again I like them:

The Hits: Don't buy this product for the hits. Yes, the on card autos are nice, and the jersey cards are too, but just not anything special as far as value goes. You could get these hits on ebay for $4 maybe less.

The leading hit right now is the Rich Hill auto because its on-card and he has a nice signature.


Captain Canuck said...

90 card base set... how many out of the 90 did you get? How many doubles?

Anonymous said...

Nice cards. I'm /very/ interested in that biggio parallel :)

Michael said...

Big fan of these the UD Masterpieces! There is just something about the look of them!

stusigpi said...

Unfortunately the supply has dried up. I'd open a whole lot more if I could get my hands on them.