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Saturday, December 13, 2008

2007 Upper Deck SP Authentic Baseball Box Break Review

As part of my 3 Box average crusade, I went to Dave and Adams card world to purchase my cards. I got free shipping, and this free box of 2007 SP Authentic Baseball with a $500 purchase. The box it seems, was correctly priced.

If I recall from the madness of busting tons of packs yesterday there are 24 packs, 5 cards per pack. There are two auto letters per box. I can't find an MSRP on these boxes, but I think it is $4 a pack $100 a box. Wow. These are available for $40-$60. No way these are worth anywhere close to retail. Seems to be a theme with UD products. Maybe they know they will eventually be priced at half so they price the MSRP high to make people think they are getting a good deal.

The Checklist: 2007 SP Authentic Baseball Checklist

The Base: 100 cards, The Big Hurt is #100. I don't think the base set is quite large enough. At least give me a reason to buy a second box if I am a set collector. Maybe Upper Deck puts the base cards in the packs out of obligation. The design is similar to the Basketball version. The set design seems a bit lazy. I did get a complete set because four of the packs had 5 base cards. No doubles. One damaged card.

The Auto Letters: There are 53 subjects in the By The Letter Autos. There are varying quantities of each, thus some of the price guides list 60. I like these cards. They are Manufactured Letters, but being hard signed is nice. For Player or team collectors, these can't be beat. My two were Chris Stewart /50 and Jonathan Paplebon /40:

The problem I do have with these cards is that all the rookies are patches, all 62 of them. At one or two per box, It is nearly impossible to complete the set. At this level of MSRP, there should be 4 per box. This is not a base product and nobody buys them as such.

Inserts: You get one authentic speed or one authentic power per pack. Typical Upper Deck Foil insertness:

Other inserts: As you can see by the checklist, there are Chirography and Sign of the Times autos. I didn't get either of those and I have no idea what the insertion rate is.

The Verdict: This is not a box that should be purchased a box at a time because your value is just too low. These boxes are probably going to be a push at best. You might hit something good, but with auto letters becoming the product de jour, these may not hold there value. I might suggest picking up a case of these though. You might get a Griffey /25, Jeter /, or something else of note. If you are inclined to buy these a box at a time, just buy the letter off ebay that you want. With a single box there is too much of a chance that your auto letters are going to be people you care less about.

The Stewart is available Ebay BIN for $10, the Paplebon is available for $40 BIN. The Lincecum, of course, is doing quite well at $70 with bids so there is some value to be had.

Overall, I can't complain. Even if I paid for the box, I still got the Paplebon. The base are an unneccessary distraction. The Authentic speed and power cards serve theirpurpose of being filler.


Anonymous said...

The prices on these are going to drop off the map next year. The redemptions actually expired last month, but enough people complained to the point that UD extended the deadline to mid-January. I don't think it'll go beyond that though, and as far as I know, all the Jeter, Griffey, Joba, etc. are redmptions. So...after that these boxes will be almost worthless.

stusigpi said...

The prices have already decreased significantly. The redemption period for many products are too short. I realize the companies are trying to limit the time they have these cards laying around but it hurts their retailers. I have so many 06-07 finest basketball redemptions by around it's ridiculous. Damn topps.