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Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Heroes Football Box Break

I have been frothing at the mouth to bust a box of these. One of my first posts on my blog was me having picked up a few packs of these and getting a Jackie Kersey auto redemption /25. I had also bought a box of retail.

24 packs/8 cards/2 autos/2 jerseys*
on Average.

I paid $43 shipped for this box. The lowest I had seen these was on Big T's at 51.95 a box. On to the cards.

The Base Set: I have no urge to build a set of these. The Sport Heroes, Guitar Heroes just don't do it for me. You can find a checklist here. There are quite a few nice rookies and the legends cards are nice.

Parallels: Seeded 1 in 3 packs. This set, like the baseball, suffers from too many parallels. Look at the checklist, besides spelling Heroes "Heros", there are 6 parallel sets and the set is just too big to build. Here is what I got:
But what's that on the bottom of the AP?
Nice bent corner. That was the same level of crushed corner as my Henne parallel that I got in the retail box. With the number of damaged cards I got in the Donruss products that were autos or serial numbered, it might be a problem with how the package them at the factory. The Donruss serial numbered cards are in the middle of the pack. The Football Heroes parallels are on the back of the pack so it is just as likely they are damaged in shipping. Looks like I am going to have to go through the replacement game again.

Jersey card(s): As stated on the box, jersey cards are supposed to be two per box. Well, I only got one:
Bowe must be my Upper Deck Jersey card of the year. Not a bad card to get /75. It has a bit of edge issue but with white borders it isn't so noticeable.

Autographs: Two Rookie Autos DeSean Jackson /25 and Felix /50:
I do like that UD had these done on card. Now that we have gone from on card to sticker, when you pull an on card you really notice the difference. Good job Upper Deck.

The best(for so many reasons) for last: Redemption. Any lawyer that has ever tried a Jury Trial will tell you that as nerve racking as trying to get 12 people to agree on anything is, there is nothing that gets the adrenaline going like getting court back into session and the jury streams back in. They all get seated, in some courts they had hand the verdict form to the baliff. The baliff walks it to the judge, as you try to see if you can tell which line is marked. The judge opens it, usually keeps a straight face. Then starts reading the case caption, then they read the first count then the judge says "we the jury, find the defendant".

It is a rush, the only rush I get that is similar is when you pull a redemption or a patch when all I can see is the back. Trying to find the part on the card where it tells you who and what it is takes forever. The other day when I opened my masterpieces football, I opened the pack and the Booty patch was right there, all I could see was the Vikings logo. I was hoping for AP, but it was Booty. That feeling as you are waiting for the "verdict" is what I am talking about.

Silly I know, but true. Anyway, I got a redemption for:
Turkington? You mean Turk from Scrubs? No, I suspect and hope they mean Fran TARKINGTON. You know that Hall of Famer. God Upper Deck, show some respect. When I redeemed it, the description said Turkington as well. Who do you have working for you? Maybe I can get a Gabe Ruth, or a Jim Dimaggio, maybe a Ted Willims. The "scratch off" portion you see in the pic is the scratch off from this card. I was able to peel it off without having to actually scratch it. Its a silver coated label of some sort.

The bottom line with Upper Deck Heroes Football is: I like it a lot. Even though I don't like the base set, the jerseys and autos are awesome. I can see myself busting a case of these when they get to $25 - $35 a box. I think that price might happen, here's why: Much like Baseball Heroes, Upper Deck printed Billions of these things. There are 269 cards in the set with approximately 575 numbered parallels printed of each card, seeded 1 in 3 packs = 19,334 boxes/12 boxes per case = 1611 cases. That's if all of the cases were hobby. I just don't see that many boxes being busted at the price they are at given the competition in the market. I realize my math makes huge assumptions, but its at least plausible.


Captain Canuck said...

me love that Jones auto.. and that redemption is sweet. Even if it is Turkington.
Not as good as a Peter Mooning, but it'll do.

Thorzul said...

My dad used to captivate me with stories of Fran Turkenton. Man, could he sling that ball...

He was almost as good as Bart Start, perhaps a little more fundamentally sound than Roger Stowback.