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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Baseball Box 1 of 5

Yes, you read right, 1 of 5. I won 3 auctions from the same seller back on December 18, still haven't arrived and the guy didn't ship them until I emailed him Sunday. He is a notoriously slow shipper. I am a bit ticked especially since I paid $23 to ship 3 boxes of these and 1 Threads Baseball. Anyway, I then won two others around the same time as I had bid on quite a few. Those two arrived last Friday.

I paid $46 shipped for each box. 1 box/12 packs/6 cards. Checklist can be found here.

The Base set: The base set has 90 cards with 30 SP's for a total of 120. I got 5 Short prints in this box. I did however get 15 doubles in this box. This was a collation error because I got doubles in the same pack. Often one in the front of the pack and then one behind the blank, auto, jersey, or framed parallel. It didn't matter. Because I got 15 doubles in 12 packs, something had to have been wrong. I will be interested to see what my 3 boxes from the other seller has in store.

The 2008 set doesn't have quite the pop of the 2007 because it seems the best material was used in the 07 set. The SP's are all retired players but don't quite have the same juice.

Parallels: Apparently there are 10 framed parallel sets. Come on Upper Deck? What's that about? Just make a few more of the non numbered versions. They have made it impossible to comlete a damn set of these. I still think redemptions for complete framed sets would be sweet.
Deep Blue?: /125
Bronze Ore?: /100 Ichiro

The Auto: On card, gotta like that. These autos look really nice even when your auto is Tom Gorzelanny:

Jersey: Normally I put the jersey before the auto, but I am making an exception here. These are placed back first, so again you can see the logo. I saw the Rangers logo and was hoping it was a Nolan, but alas it was a Teixeira.

Oh yeah, the above only applies to a Patch: /25
Nice 3 color patch. These cards are pretty nice. Not sure what the insertion rate is.EditThese patches are one per case according to the sell information on Blowout.

This box was ok, the patch sure as heck made it better than it would have been. The collation was very poor. In addition, for the retail cost of this box, there needs to be 2-3 jerseys or a second auto. When I saw these being busted when they were released, I didn't see the value and I still don't. Given the cost that these sell for on ebay as opposed to retail price, it is clear that others don't either.

One more note: Buying these one or two packs at a time is a waste. You should only buy these by the box. If you can't afford a box, don't waste your time or money on these because you are probably going to come up with nothing but base cards or a parallel at best. With what I have seen these sell for by the pack at shops, you have essentiall paid $12 for 12 base cards.


beerandbaseballcards said...

Nice blog...I'm enjoying reading it. Gotta say you should go easy on Gorzo though! One day the Bucs will win again and hopefully Gorzo will be in the rotation somewhere. Want to trade for that one? I'm new to the whole blogging thing but just wanted to say nice blog and as a Pirates collector, nice card.

stusigpi said...

Thanks for the comment. I rarely trade if at all, if you have some similar autos I would be willing to give a shot.