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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Baseball Box 2 of 5

Box 2 of 5:

The Base Set: For the love of God Upper Deck. In this box I got 23 doubles. Yes in a 12 pack box I got 23 doubles, basically I was getting 2 doubles per pack. In addition, I only got 11 cards toward my set and 5 of those were short prints. The collation was terrible in this box, absolutely terrible. Since I have to send some damaged cards to Upper Deck, they are going to get an eyefull in my letter. One of my SP's, Johnny Bench, was damaged on the back. Same machine pushed in top, where the card kind of peels back.

Framed Card:
If you look closely on the Thome and V-mart, you will notice that you can't read the Masterpieces at the bottom of the card. That is because the framed portion has been torn.
Red: Teixeira Again. The red are not numbered
Blue: /125 Curt Schilling
Jersey:Aramis Ramirez

Auto: Mark Teahen????

This box was horrible. All those doubles, and Aramis Ramirez jersey and a Mark Teahen auto. The Damaged cards. This is exactly the type of box that I saw busted earlier, sans doubles, that made me think I would pass on it. As I said, I paid 46 shipped for each of these. That is so much less than retail and I am still not happy with the box.

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Ryan Cracknell said...

If you want to part ways with the Teahen, feel free to drop me a line.