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Saturday, December 27, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Football Box 3 of 3

Box 3 of 3

The Base Set: I got 3 doubles with this box. Since this is the third box I deem the collation in Masterpieces to be Pretty Good. I ended up 3 cards short of the base set so that is a bit disappointing. I ended up with 4 of the painted rookies toward the set because I was shorted one in one box and got 2 DeSean Jacksons. I got 3 time warps, so I need 6 more for the set.
Slingin Sammy Baugh. This guy did it all and was, in a lot of ways, the Babe Ruth of Football.
Painted Rookies:
Matt Ryan and Jonathan Stewart:
Because I can't get enough of it: THE GREATEST TACKLE EVER

Framed Cards:
Flutie and Booty
Red /199: More Sweetness and Romo
Green /75: Brady, basically the opposite of the Dyson card above.

Jersey: Dallas Clark and Booty /50
The Booty was in the first pack I opened in this box. That is a common occurance for me in Upper Deck stuff I have opened. There is a collation pattern in these boxes, but I am not going to say what it is. Its not that important as most of the packs have a framed card or whatever, but there is a way to get the numbered parallels and patches without actually molesting a pack.

Auto: Billy Sims
Solid career that was cut short by a severe knee injury. Probably would have passed 10,000 yards. Playing for the Lions, thats 20,000 yards on any other team.

I have to say I really enjoyed opening these boxes. There needs to be more than one time warp per box and 3-4 painted rookies. There is no reason that it should take more than 3-4 boxes to make a set. I may end up getting more of these boxes if they get down to the $30 range. I am not sure what the production numbers are on this, but they should be around for a while.

Generally Speaking, Masterpieces is the most well done "history" set ever. If collectors are looking to learn or teach their kids about football or baseball history, these are the sets to get them. They are small enough that you can put them in plastic sheets so you can enjoy them over and over with no damage to the cards. I agree with some commenters that a continued number scheme from on year to the next would have been great.

Note to Upper Deck: A nice "case hit" for these would be complete set redemption cards including 1 in 10 being for black framed and 1 in 50 or whatever for Red Parallel complete sets. I do see myself looking to complete the framed sets in both baseball and football.


Captain Canuck said...

I'm really liking these cards... but the framed parallels could go away. That Romo card is sweeet, but the red border????

stusigpi said...

The red borders don't look too bad in person, plus they have used every other colo(u)r. The framed cards actually add a diminsion to the set when you are breaking the packs.