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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Announcing the 3 Box Average Contest

After going through the ordeal that was my last give away. Yup, I am going to whine a little. I did enjoy it though and hope everyone enjoys their cards. I want to head off massive sorting before my cards pile up on me again so.

I am calling it: Guess the Hit.

Here is how it works. I am ordering the first batch of boxes on Monday. When I get them I will post what the product is that I am busting and the possible series of hits. The first 20 (never get that many comments so you should have time to enter) people to post are entered and they have to post what they think the best hit is going to be: for example, If I bust Icons and you think the best hit I will get is an die cut auto rookie you would post that. Then, the tie breaker will be guessing a player and a team. Player first then team. So if I was opening a box of masterpieces baseball and you think my best hit will be a captured on canvas patch/auto they you would say patch/auto, Alex Rodriguez, and then say Yankees. If it happens to be a patch/auto and nobody else chose that then you would win. If multiple people pick Patch/auto then i would move to the player. If it is Arod you win. If nobody picks the correct player, then whoever picked the correct team the player played for would win. It may seem silly to do it this way, but maybe I didn't get a patch/auto, maybe it was a single color or two color non patch jersey/auto.

You don't have to pick the same team as the player you selected. If you wanted to pick Patch/auto and Arod but then the Orioles, you could.

What do you win? You win all the cards from the break, all three boxes worth except for the hits and other cards I want to keep. I may decide to build a set, I may not. I may decide to keep all the hits and parallels, I may not.

Yes its complicated, but I think it will be fun. I will decide what the best hit is. I may ask for input if its close. Say I get a tony gwynn auto/jersey and a Cal Ripken auto Jersey. I think those are even, some people will not agree. I may get a Patch/auto /10 Josh willingham and a /100 jersey auto of Tony Gwynn. Yeah, the Gwynn wins hands down. Keep that in mind when you are choosing.

There will be a mix of Baseball, basketball and Football. I may even bust 3 boxes of Masterpieces Hockey, or Hockey Black, I don't know. Questions? Comments?


Captain Canuck said...

wow. cool. complicated. I'll just guess something and enjoy the posts.. if I win, you tell me.

Have fun doing it!!!

Aron said...

i like the 3 box average idea first and foremost...and free cards...well who can resist?

I'll be getting two boxes of cards...probably 1 hockey, 1 baseball....should I go with the UD Masterpieces? These seem to be my favorite so far from reading the blogs. Is there a better product to go with?

stusigpi said...


I'll let the winner know and I will make a post explaining why each winner won.


Depends on what your price range is. Here is my preliminary list:

06-07 Topps Trademark Moves
08 UD Heroes Football - Big T Sportscards has these for $52Masterpieces Football - Big T Has them for 64
2007 Masterpieces Baseball
2008 Masterpieces Baseball
2008 Masterpieces Hockey Big T is at $64.

I sent an email to DA Cardworld for a quote. Big T has some nice prices right now so you might want to look there.

It is tough to tell if the masterpieces hockey is the way to go right now. Prices may drop, but demand may grow stronger over the next months as the season heats up.

I like the masterpieces, but you might want tosnipe a box on ebay as retail is a too high for what you get. If you are itching to bust a box. Get a box of retail or a couple blasters and then buy singles off ebay. The hits are pretty cheap on Ebay.

I am going with DA or Big T because its hard to get 3 at a time on an ebay auction and the BIN's are a bit too high.

If you are looking at BB masterpieces, the 07's are a bit cheaper than the 08's and the base set is nice as well. Again, you can get a couple blasters and buy singles. If you wait a week I will have these busted and let you know what I think even before I post the breaks.

Aron said...

not familiar with Big T's...sorry. Looking at it further, it seems that the hockey is only legends at this point...i'd rather have the non-legends anyway.

stusigpi said...

Big T's is, as far as I know, a reputable volume dealer. I have had good luck with them in the past. Some SP authentic might be right up your alley then. Artifacts might be your next best choice.

It looks the Artifacts hockey is better than the baseball and football versions.