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Sunday, December 7, 2008


Yeah I know its a manufactured patch and there are millions of these things everywhere, but 4.25 netted me:


How much is 1 pack of these?


Aron said...

a Ram no less.

stusigpi said...

He has over 500 yards and is on his way to 40+ receptions on a really, really bad team. Not bad for a rookie. Maybe he could jump to the Cards and Kurt Warner can show the Rams how to use him. Looks like the Rams, Bengals, and Lions will have the top three picks. Detroit will surely pick another QB and then blame him when he doesn't lead them to a winning season.

Cincinnati can pick some defense or maybe a QB that can be used for spare parts for Carson.

Rams can pick a QB. Hmm who is there to pick?

Aron said...

Detroit will probably go with Sam Bradford(Oklahoma)...and the Rams probably with Matt Stafford(Georgia)...then again the Rams will probably just go with a lineman.

Detroit is a mess. Their mistake was always going the WR route with the first pick. Can't really fault them for the Joey Harrington pick, he was pretty good at Oregon. I guess you can fault the curse of Barry Sanders.