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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Card Shop That Stole Christmas

Yes, a sensational headline, that is reflects the apparent truth.

I was in the local card shop buying 2 more 930 count card boxes to finish out my give away. I decided to pick up a couple packs of 07/08 SPA Basketball for $5.00 a pack.

I was talking to the guy about the value of the cards I got versus pack price. The conversation then turned to pack searching. You see this shop doesn't wait till a box gets empty, they refill as they go. I then commented about how if you buy a full stack of an UD box that has three stacks of 8 packs, you should expect to get a hit because of how the cards are collated. I asked whether the shop had problems with pack searchers and the guy said they did. He isn't the owner, just a guy that helps out once or twice a week because of health problems that the owner and his wife have had. He then said that the owner doesnt think that pack searching is wrong.

What!? Apparently the owner thinks that there is nothing unethical about pack searching. As some of you know, I am a lawyer, which is true, but I am a trial lawyer, so getting information out of people is something I do.

So I switched gears and commented how it looked like they had sold a lot of wax in the last couple of weeks, the guy said they had. I then asked if the shop opens up a box or two when they get a case in. The guy said they didn't. Yet I noted all of the autos and jerseys in their display case from products they have in stock. Curious, the only non redemption hit I have gotten at the shop was out of a freshly opened sealed box of icons. I have bought quite a few packs there. Additionally, the shop doesnt bust wax, but you have a ton of hits in their case. In a previous trip I heard the owner say that they don't buy cards. Hmmm. Interesting. So that leaves the shop trading for hits from people. I don't see the shop trading for these patches and autos.

We then started talking about the owners feelings on pack searching the guy told me that he had a falling out with the owner about it and that he wasn't going to continue working there. He implied it was because of this disagreement. From that, I took that the owner was searching packs and the guy was having trouble with it. The guy is pretty religious and isn't into hyperbole. I haven't known him to exagerate either. He is a pretty straight shooter.

From the above, take from it what you will


White Sox Cards said...

I think you did stumble upon the card shop that stole Christmas. Someone in the shop isn't being completely truthful.

The two shops that I go to open the product in front of you and let you choose which pack to pick.

fuji said...

What a shame. That's why I don't buy packs anymore. It's either singles or boxes. By the way, this is probably a silly question... but... did you pull anything decent from the two packs you bought?

stusigpi said...


I am going to post the results of the packs as soon as I am able to ascertain some type of value of the cards.

gritz76 said...

The one and only card shop in my town doesn't even hide the fact they search their packs. They own another shop about 45 minutes away in a much larger town and they weigh their packs on a digital scale right out in the open. The shop in my town is primarily a coin shop but they do sell cards too. All their cards go through the smaller shop before they go to the larger shop. The owner is super crooked and most people know it. So it's retail or nothing here.

zips_99 said...

I have bought packs at this shop before too, though very reluctantly due to being very overpriced. The only hit I have ever gotten was from a new box opened right in front of me.