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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Gifts from the Family

One of my favorite things about Christmas is finding out whether my parents bought me packs or factory sets. They usually go the Factory Set route. A few years back they would be me boxes when even I didn't realize there was such a huge difference between Hobby and Retail. I told my mom this year of the difference when she asked me what I wanted. I tolde her any 2008 Hobby Wax or whatever. This year, the parents and grandparents went Factory Set.

I don't build sets from wax because it takes so many damn packs. Here is what I got:
2008 Topps Factory Set: Nice presentation by Topps. Mantle Gold Refractor thingy. The box also has a Checklist on the back, which I like.
2008 Upper Deck Factory Set: This set comes with 5 Yankee Legacy cards and 1 jersey card. No Checklist.
My brother picked me up a box of hidden treasures. 16 packs. He got me one last year where I ended up with some decent packs with some pretty good cards including a John Smoltz /150 Stadium Club can't remember the year off hand. This year however, the packs were all 1986-1989 with a couple packs of Tristar thrown in, nothing noteworthy but I did get an 87 Toppps Nolan Ryan, and 88 Donruss Cal Ripken. Fun to open as these were the main years I collected by buying boxes of the stuff.
Yes, those are price tags on the boxes. I told my mom to stop pulling them off because she would tear the plastic.

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