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Monday, December 22, 2008

Message board buying and trading.

I was looking at other box breaks to see how mine measured up when I came across this:





The list goes on and on but boils down to the card trading equivalent of a dog humping a pillow. People clutching onto cards, going back and forth with no payoff. What the hell man? Seems like a lot of work for nothing. After reading what Gellman went through on one of his trades a while back it just seems like a waste of damn time. People bitching and moaning about book value. One jackass in one of the threads stated that book value for a Kenny Irons something was $80. Kenny Irons is barely worth $80 let alone any of his cards. Anyway, just buy the crap off ebay. By the time you work out a trade, pay the shipping one way and/or the other, you could have had the damn card for less.

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Slette said...

I'll check out the Beckett board for laughs once in a while. People there take book value for gospel, and refuse to budge if a trade is even a dollar off, sometimes. I don't get it. I traded off a Ripken auto #ed 10/10 this past fall, and told the guy I sent it to to send me what he thought was fair. The only request was that an Andy Pettitte auto be included. Did I get fleeced price-wise? Maybe, but I really don't care. He got a nice Ripken for his collection, and it sounds like I'm getting a handful of nice Pettittes for mine. Some people need to realize that most of the time, these cards should be chased for enjoyment, and not looked at as day trading.

I should have gone on there and posted the "SWEET MAILDAY" I got from you, and showed what my favorite parts of your package were: the 2003 Topps Opening Day Yankees I didn't have. They probably would have banned me.