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Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Naked Guy

I was watching the Giants/Eagles game and after it finished they went to the locker room of the Vikings to show the speech of some dude that was giving the game ball to the coach in honor of his son joining the Marines. No Comment.

Anyway, as they cut to it, some dude is right behind the speaker and you could see his crank. Yup, hadn't covered up with a towel yet. His Junk was just out there to see. I have DVR so of course I backed it up just to make sure. We were laughing hysterically. You think somebody would have noticed before flipping the live feed on. I just hope the morality police wont fine them. The freakin' FCC.

I know its a locker room, but I'm not trying to walk around all naked with hundreds of people milling about. Its just me. I know someone that was a tv sports person in the Bay Area that used to cover the 49ers. She said those guys were nasty. Charles Haley is apparently a pig. Steve Young and Jerry Rice are really nice guys, and John Madden is awesome even if you find him annoying. I still maintain that Football players are some of the nastiest people alive. She said the worst however were the WNBA players. They would hit on her relentlessly and were quite graphic about it. They would deride her for dating men rather than women.