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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shenanigans by the Bay

This isn't a dig at eBay so much. As I try to bring news and experiences from collecting to my blog, I must share even when I have been taken advantage of and end up looking like an idiot.

First thing:

A while back I bought 2 boxes of 07-08 Topps Finest Basketball for $123 shipped from Ebay seller: hopewell031. When the item arrived, only one box was in the...box. So I attempted contact with the seller. The seller didn't respond right away so I filed a paypal dispute. The same day, the seller emails me and says there must have been a mistake and he shipped the wrong box to me. He says he will send out another box to me if I cancel the claim and release the money. There's the rub. Once you close a claim, it cannot be reopened for any reason. I did not know that and foolishly closed the claim, haven't hear from him since. If you check his or her feedback, you will see I am not the only one. hopewell031. Don't cancel a claim until everything is said and done. I got taken. ugh!

Second thing: I bid on an auction for a box of Leaf Limited. I ended up winning it for 50.95. The auction said that any auction above $51 was required to have insurance. He emails me with the invoice with $2.70 worth of insurance in addition to the $9.81 in shipping. I then pay the seller through the auction on paypal. I then get an email telling me to pay it to a different email address. Then he emails me and tells me that shipping is going to be a $1.00 more than quoted. I told the guy that I was not going to go through with the transaction, given all of the above. has anybody else had this happen?

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