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Friday, December 5, 2008

Three Box Average

So with collecting go the whims. I have decided to try an experiment called the three box average. Opening a box at a time, especially when doing reviews, may do a disservice to the reader. Maybe you got a crappy box. Maybe you got a loaded box, maybe you got an average box. There is no real way to know except for perhaps opening three boxes and see how they come out.

On the crappy box, I would argue that there should be no crappy boxes. Cards are expensive, especially if you pay retail or close to it. Wouldn't you know that there are some people that still pay $120 for a box when they can get it for $60-$70 on ebay? Anyway, when laying out that kind of coin, one should expect something pretty good. No there shouldnt be a "hair" card (although I think those are disgusting) in every box, no need for a 1/1 or a 1/5 (although if they are just an endless parallel, what's the point anyway), or a huge rookie patch auto. There are enough stars and enough rookies and enough retired players (retired players are all to common in sets now days) there should be ample NAME player jerseys in every box.

With all the junk hits, you wonder about production numbers. Here is an example. My Morrison auto suit is /50 and is 1:478 box loaders. 50*478=23,900 boxes of 06-07 finest. That doesn't seem to be too high of a production run. with Donruss products it is anybodys guess as to production numbers, but something tells me it is a lot, maybe too many. There are so many parallels. It is difficult to extrapolate the number of boxes because there doesn't seem to be a consistent collation.

My point is, I want to open three boxes at a time to really get a sense of a product. I have to wait for a particular auction to end to see how much money I will have this month to spend on wax, but I hope to start this next week.

In addition, I am going to announce a new contest tomorrow. No Purchase Neccesary, must be 13 to enter, must have parents permission.

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