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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Update - 2006 Topps Finest Football 3 box average contest

The contest ends tonight at 4 pm PST as I hope to have the first break posted by 6pm. The next 3 box average break will either be 2008 Masterpieces Football or Baseball. I have already received one of the football boxes and the other two should be here today or Monday. The weather has been especially awesome in the Northwest (I live in the hills outside Salem, OR) so that has slowed the mail somewhat. In other news, my mail person cannot deliver mail to the right address. I got two packages that were meant for down the street. They were obviously from Ebay, so I looked them up. One was a Steelers T-shirt, the other was a Garmin Navigation Unit, but the wife delivered them to the right address anyway. Bonus points, a Senior Garmin Engineer lives right next door to me. In addition, we are constantly delivering packages up the street to a house that has a similar address to mine. The numbers are transposed, but the Nav unit was to a house with a similar number but different street entirely.

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