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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Upper Deck Damaged Card Update

In my mailbox today was a package from Upper Deck.

Inside were two Jersey cards Hudson and Jackson. As you may remember my Hudson had a crease by the jersey window and the Bo had some chipping on the window and was off center. I had sent these cards previously and had gotten them back with 3 packs. One pack had an auto, one a jersey and the other nothing.

As I looked closer I realized they had replaced the Hudson, but the Bo was the same old damaged Bo. Looks like the Bo took some corner damage in the thousands of miles it has traveled. There were two packs of Heroes in there. I got a Gwynn Parallel /249 and a Luke Hocheversp? /399. Damnit I wanted a mint Bo. The Bo was /50 for Pete's sake.

Considering the amount of cash I spend on Upper Deck products, in this case 5 boxes for which I sent the UPC codes in, you would think they would do a bit more to make their customers happy. Lest we not forget I had a little over a box of base cards that were off center and machine damaged. Lame.

Upper Deck gets a thumbs down in this case. I guess I will see what happens with Donruss

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Captain Canuck said...

I bought a box of '08 Upper Deck football. Great cards... but the only ones damaged were three of the inserts. Great. Still waiting to hear back from them....