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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Where to buy?

Get the Blasters from Target or Walmart.

If you are looking at getting a box of Hobby, get it from one of the wholesalers or a BIN on ebay. The guys that sell hundreds of these boxes don't search that I am aware of. They probably bust a case or two and that is why they have singles available. I think this is a poor practice for them because some might think they are searching. There was a comment from a guy that knows of dealers resealing boxes, I just don't see blowout, DA, Big T, Atlanta or the like doing anything like that. Too much volume and it takes too much time to do it.

In fact my 06-07 Finest basketball Box toppers were awesome and they came from Big T. Those are easily searchable and I got 2 out of the four box topper hits out of six boxes.

I know there are honest small dealers out there and they are trying to make a buck, but honestly my experience with dealers that run local hobby shops has been really poor. There is only one guy I trusted, I spent a lot of time around a lot of dealers. On with the point. Too much uncertainty with the local shops, plus they charge an arm and a leg.

I have always wanted to support the local card shops, where to get supplies if they are out of business? These guys do it to themselves though. As I said in a previous post, I go to a local card shop to get supplies and I buy packs every so often, but probably never again on the packs. He has $119 on his A & G boxes. Charges 7.50 a pack for UD Heroes football. SPX for $23 or so a pack. Really? Buying with blind loyalty is just stupid. Its where faith and obligation overcomes common sense. Plus, these guys earn their living this way and it seems that there just may be too much incentive to cheat. I am not saying they are all like that, but quite the percentage. Thus, I don't suggest buying at local shops.

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