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Sunday, January 4, 2009

1/1 Fail

I was looking at Masterpieces Patches on the bay last night when I came across this auction. The auction says: Here is a 2008 upper deck materpieces rod carew jersey numbered 13/25 but is a 1/1 with a 3 color jersey and sewing.

I think to myself, that isn't his number, Carew was 29 if I recall. It isn't an error that I can see. So I send an email to the seller asking "How is this a 1/1". I mean ebay sellers are calling anything a 1/1, jersey number. They pulled it out of 1 pack. It was the only one pulled at 3 am in Seattle, the player has that many wives/kids/girlfriends/STD's.

The answer:
Dear ************,

I took it to the card shop and they have never seen one with the jersey and the 3 colors like this

- uthink_8



Sooz said...

the card shop knows everything.

Captain Canuck said...

All Hail,
the all knowing card shop...

William Noetling said...

I reported the auction to ebay for having a fraudulent title. I want them to crack down on stuff like this - the seller will get dinged, and might actually be barred from selling for stuff like this.

stusigpi said...


What is the link to report? I run across this crap all the time.