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Sunday, January 25, 2009

2006 Leaf Certified Materials Football Box 1

As opposed to the Rookies and Stars Boxes that were $45 each, Certified Materials runs $61 a box. I have complained about lack of product differentiation amongst Donruss and Leaf products. Putting these cards side by side, the base cards are much "nicer" in the higher end, but the hits are not so different.

The Base: Ugh! Does DLP even try to make their cards look different? Honestly, I had to look to see what year these where when I was editing the photos because I just couldn't tell the difference. Peyton "big numbers mediocre results" Manning.
I view DLP base cards as being worthless.

The hits:
Very happy with this card, but in all fairness, its worth about 5 bucks max
Vernon Davis
Joey Porter
No-name Rookie with a terrible foil sticker thing.

Save your money.

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Captain Canuck said...

I can do you one better... or worse. Check it out later.
2007 Donruss Threads Football.