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Friday, January 23, 2009

2006 Leaf Rookies and Stars Box 3 of 3

Box 3 of 3

I noticed my last post on the second box was a bit uninspired. The reason being that Donruss and leaf products don't do much for me other than the hits. I bought these because I have none of the releases from these years and I thought it would be fun to start with a clean slate and bust a few boxes. I might pick up some singles if anything strikes me.

Parallels: I did pull some decent parallels.
Clinton Portis /25
I know I have at least one reader that will drool a bit over this card
Greenway /49

The hits:


Antonio Gates
/250 On the back it says "Game worn Item" Could this be his socks? Maybe his stirups?

The "big" hit
Vince Young /249. This would have been a massive hit two years ago. This is the "regular" set card. The pic doesn't do justice to the auto. It is much crappier in person.


Captain Canuck said...

That VY card woulda been huge. It's a keeper for sure. Either he'll be back in a couple of seasons, and it'll be huge again... or he'll be a bust, in which case it'll be worth nothing like it is now.

stusigpi said...

I think the Eagles should bring Young in. Mcnabb style and McNabb could probably relate to him and mentor him.

Some guy has the Young listed for $150 BIN. I think that was BV some time ago.

Pastor Justin said...

You know that Greenway is too sweet.