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Saturday, January 17, 2009

2007 Upper Deck Ultimate Football Pack 1 of 4

This is my first foray into the "high end" market. I paid $154 for the box. The box is 4 packs/4 cards. You get 1 serial numbered base /400, one rookie dual jersey, one rookie auto, and one "other" card. The other card is where the big hits live.

Essentially these break down to $38 bucks a pack and you get the hits of a mid priced box, without the base cards. So here we go.

The Base Set: I actually like the base cards, but it is impossible to put a set of these together. 5-8 per pack would be nice. It should be noted that even though I paid $154 for the box, these things are $300 retail, so asking for a few more base cards isn't being greedy in my opinion.

The Hits:
Paul Williams Auto
Williams hasn't done much.

Drew Olson Jersey:
He has been a solid player so far, time will tell if he can keep it up.

Marshawn Lynch/Jones-Drew Dual Jersey
Pretty happy with this card. I am a Lynch fan. He runs hard and could be top 20 in yards at the end of his career.

So that is the first pack. Easy to see why Ultimate didn't sell well at retail.


Captain Canuck said...

nice hit in the Lynch/Jones-Drew... but nothing else. That's the problem with high end stuff... not enough to ensure at least finding a player you like/collect

stusigpi said...

From what I can gather, Topps Performance crashed as well. If you look at the singles available on Ebay, it is easy to see that people spent a lot of money to pull a lot of crap.

No way this stuff is worth anything close to retail. I think my new policy is going to wait until the boxes have been out for at least 4 months. It is insane the type of price drop that has occured for everthing that has been released in the last 6 months.