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Sunday, January 18, 2009

2007 Upper Deck Ultimate Football Pack 2 of 4

The Second Pack:

The base: Marc "I wish I was Kurt Warner" Bulger


The Hits:
Michael Bush Jersey

Auto Ted Gin Jr. I have to say that even though this appears to be a trapped auto and not on card, it beats the hell out of stickers

The "BIG" hit: When I opened the pack I saw this:

I opended the pack noticed the penny sleeve and then the logo. I couldn't find the name in the text, hoping for AP, but getting:
I didn't notice the Raiders logo. Nor do I see any mention of Higgins on the front.

Could have been worse.


madding said...

Is that one of those things where you only get "half" of the card, and then the other "half" is its own card? If so, that's pretty stupid.

stusigpi said...

Unless both cards are in the pack, they need to leave that stuff out of the set. Anyway, I'll tell you now I didn't get the other half if it is that way.