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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2007 Upper Deck Ultimate Football Pack 4 of 4

The fourth, forthe or forth pack.

The Base: Matt Leinart. I think he will develop to be a good QB. He is also getting a lesson on how to get it done.

The Hits: What you talkin bout Willis:

Moss: No not that one

The "Big" Hit:

JaMarcus Russell. This guy was a monster. He got caught up on the crappy Raiders. Maybe with McFadden, Russell, Bush, and some defensive help the Raiders can make a go of it. They had games where they played well and others where they looked like it was their first practice. This card is pretty thick and numbered to /99. It is still nothing but a single color jersey in my opinion.

Overall this product is hit or miss. As someone that opens a bunch of wax this kind of break would be typical if I opened up 4 boxes of cards. Thus I am not unhappy. I have opened up a series of 4 boxes, paid a lot more and ended up with a lot less. These breaks fascinate me because everyone wants to take a crack at this stuff but its a lot of money all at once.

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