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Sunday, January 11, 2009

2008 Bowman Football Box Break Review

This set is terrible, absolutely terrible. I will never buy another box of this crap ever again.

I paid $65 from a card show, these are available for $55 plus shipping on ebay BIN or auctions seem to end at $35-45 sometimes higher plus shipping.

Here is why it is terrible. The flimsy card stock + black borders = cards that look like trash. I don't know if Topps is trying to create a condition sensative set and thus increase the long term demand for mint cards or what, but the black borders with the glossy finish make these cards look awful. This box was in great shape from the dealer. The packs didn't look like they had moved a bit. I think these are just a crappy quality card. I ran into this with 2007 Topps Football, 2008 Bowman baseball, and the 2006-07 Bowman Basketball draft picks and stars. All black borders all looked like junk.

Why do I mention the possibility of Topps producing these intentionally to create a condition sensative set? Topps may have inadvertantly stumbled upon this through 71 Topps Baseball and then seen how other condition sensative sets have performed long term. For example 85 Donruss Baseball, and other sets that suffer from chipping.

These not only suffer from chipping, but the corners look all gnarly and bent. Kind of like a "pull". I think thats the right term for it. The corners look like they have been under stress. The black borders on the flimsy stock looks to be the culprit as the gold inserts did not show any damage, the chrome versions didn't either. The chrome are a bit more sturdy than the base. In addition, the colored parallels did not show the flaws either.

The base set: A bunch of rookies I have never heard of and I have watched a lot of football. In defense of bowman, this is kind of the point with this set. I was so mad at the condition of the cards that I didn't bother to look to see how close I was to a set, but I don't recall getting more than one or two doubles.

Gold Parallel: One per pack. These are thicker than the normal cards and I think are on par to game used thickness. I like them.
Hi, I'm Peyton Manning. I'm the NFL MVP and am sitting at home watching the playoffs.

The Colored Parallels: Blue, Orange, whatever, not nearly as cool as the chrome version.
Mike Hart. At least these guys are in uniforms on an actual field rather than the Rookie Premier.
Blue: The blue should have been the base set.

Chrome: You get two per pack with chances at xfractors.

The Jersey: Desean Jackson. Nice! He is a good player with a lot of upside. Card was perfect out of the pack. You get one jersey per hobby box.

The Auto: Who? One per hobby box.

These cards need to die. The good: The one auto and jersey per box. The parallels look ok. The REALLY BAD. The card condition out of the pack. Others may have had a better experience with these. Don't buy these by the box, just buy the singles you want. Your chances of pulling any of the hits you care about is zero.

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