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Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 Donruss Sports Legends Box Break

I promised myself I was going to wait on these boxes because I thought they would drop substantially because of the possibility of crap autos etc. That changed yesterday. I stopped by a card shop in Springfield Oregon to pick up some sheets, boxes, binder and toploaders. When I walked in the door I instantly recognized the owner.

Brian Corley first opened a shop around 1990-91 in a video store a few blocks from my house. Previously a rip off artist had a shop in the same place. I still remember the first time I walked in there. It was in the evening and my dad and I were going to the grocery store in the same shopping center. I saw the display cases and went in. This guy had everything. He had every major and minor star card from the past decade. There was something about seeing the 87 Fleer Bonds, the 86 Donruss Conseco, the 89 Griffey. Now that I am older, I realize that Brian wasn't that much older than I was, but at the time he was in his 20's and I was 15.

After that shop had been open a while, Brian bought Oregon Sports Cards. This shop was huge. At the time, i wouldn't be surprised if he had 100K BV (at the time those cards were close to being worth BV) plus a wall of wax, a ton of other stuff. That is the same shop I paid $60 for a box of 1990 Upper Deck Baseball High Number error. Shops in the Mid 90's became these bloated monsters and were doomed to fail as the Ebay Juggernaut began to roll.

Brian had to close that shop because of Ebay and other reasons. I am going to discuss some of the real problems that shops face that perhaps we as collectors and buyers may not know or understand. About 3-4 years ago Brian opened up his current card shop on 5th street in Springfield.

Brian is a straight shooter. Yes he uses Beckett, but I saw him make a deal yesterday that shows me that he truly uses it as a guide and not as a bible. He sells on ebay so he knows what cards go for. He sells his high end singles on the bay and tries to keep his inventory moving. In contrast with the Shop that Stole Christmas, I am certain that Brian doesn't search packs. He has tons of auto and jersey singles, but often times he gets them in trade from people that buy wax from him. I know he busts wax and has the boxes and boxes of singles that go along with that.

I hadn't seen him in 7-8 years. After his Oregon Sports Cards closed, he went to work at the Firestone Tire shop by my work. I saw him a couple of times, but that was it. His currentshop has case after case of singles. A good stock of supplies although he was out of a couple things I needed. His wax selection is limited, but I will address the specific and general card shop reasons for that in a future post. His hours suck though 1-6 Tuesday - Saturday. Anyway, he is a guy whose shop I will spend a bit more to support.

I saw that he had a box and one open box with a few packs of Sport Legends up on his shelf. I asked him how much and he said $90. I know damn well these boxes go for between $65-$75 on ebay, but I bought it anyway, along with a box of 2008 Bowman Football.

I opened the Sport Legends in the shop. 10 packs/5 cards/4 hits a box. Retail is $10 a pack.


The Base Set: Screw that, nobody cares, its all the same donruss with a yellowish/gold tint. The foil cards show every ding and dent. Any minor corner ding is amplified 10X. The Checklist is interesting: Here is the Sell Information
Inserts and Parallels: A billion of them.
C'mon C'mon Get to the hits.

Tony Gwynn /500 See the blue

Dominique Wilkins /100 See the red, that is the parallel version denotation. This is his College Jersey 21/100 That means this is a 1 of 100.

The autos: The problem with this set is the autos. Some of these are iffy at best.
Both of the ones I got are numbered in excess of /1300
Lefty Kreh Fly Fishing? A "Sport Legend"?? What the Hell? Eat it Donruss. This is not a Sport Legend. This is my Grandpa as he gets out of his fishing boat.
Ron Turcott Jockey: He rode the greatest horse ever:
From Wiki: Wait, I need another Colon: and another:
Ron Turcotte became internationally famous in 1973 when he rode Secretariat to the first Triple Crown in 25 years. He was North America's leading stakes-winning jockey in 1972 and 1973. He became the first jockey to win back-to-back Kentucky Derbys since Jimmy Winkfield in 1902 and is the only jockey to ever have won five of the six consecutive Triple Crown races.
Donruss gets a pass on this one. I don't consider horse racing a sport. I consider it cruel. You see enough legs snap and the horse put down on the track and you start to feel that way. Its full of thieves, liars, and is the shadiest "sport" out there. At least Cheater Bonds had a choice of whether to take the junk, the horses don't.

This box is a cold crap sandwich. I paid less than retail, albeit more than ebay, and this box wasn't even worth $30 in my opinion. The hits are worth about $5. They couldn't even get me a major sport auto for that kind of cash?

It wasn't just my box either. Brian showed me what another customer of his got. A Joe Montana single color jersey, a Marino Single color and some random autos and jerseys. It looked to be 3 boxes worth of hits and boy was that customer not happy. He traded them back to the shop. Not sure what for. Seems like the more boxes you buy the bigger losses you sustain.



oldschoolbreaks said...

I think I've seen the Fly Fishing auto come out of every box break of this I've seen so far. Yuck.

dayf said...

I hate to beg on other people's blogs, but damn I love that 'Nique card. If you're willing to trade, let me know.

Captain Canuck said...

now is the time when you post a Dominique Auto and watch dayf cringe....

heh, heh...

stusigpi said...

I don't want to kill the man

Fuji said...

i watched some youtube breaks of this stuff and it's not good. they should have limited the jockeys, bowlers, and fisherman autos to 5 or lower (maybe even 1 of 1's). can't imagine there are too many collectors looking for these.

Ryan said...

I also pulled a card of good ol' Lefty. As I shook my head in disgust my wife just laughed.

night owl said...

Why, oh, why are people collecting this stuff?

stusigpi said...

Night Owl:

They are buying these because of the siren call of the sell sheet hits. Then when they committ to the collecting island, their ship is lost on the rocks of crappy hits galore. However, I doubt anyone is actively "collecting" these like they would Masterpieces, A&G or Heritage.

I think there are a lot of one and done box busts of this crap. You are better off with a $60 box of threads or gear. At least you are getting athletes and people you will recognize. Donruss should be embarrased by this.

RWH said...

I got my box for Christmas and I'm certainly not collecting the set by any means. It had the potential to be a fun break, but a Lefty auto numbered to 157,983 just sorta kills that.