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Saturday, January 3, 2009

2008 Donruss Threads Baseball Box 3 of 3

Box 3 of 3

I got this box yesterday. I paid $50 shipped for this.

The Parallels: Only one worth mentioning
Joe Jackson /25

The autos:

A Bat Card:

A Relic Card: This card saved the Box.
Marilyn Monroe /250. This is where parallels are crappy. There is a version of this card that is /500 that actually has a bigger swatch on it. Kind of silly that the higher serial numbered card has the bigger swatch. In addition, number it to 250 all you want. There are still 750 of these.

So those are the three boxes: I got that Fisk auto /50 in the first box, the Porcello auto /300 (see if he pans out). the Russell Relic, and the Rose jersey /100 out of the second box, and the Monroe out of the third box.

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Matt said...

Hey Jeff:

I don't know if you trade through the Internet, but I'm interested in the Damon Sublett card you pulled and posted here. I'm a Wichita State grad, so it would be cool to have. Are you putting together a black framed UD Masterpieces football set? I could help with some of those possibly. Drop me an email and let me know. matt.mcnabb@gmail.com.