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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Baseball Box 5 of 5

Box 5 of 5 um actually 6. I have one more coming $33 plus shipping. I also have another box of leaf limited coming.

The base set: I finished the base set and had enough to finish someone else's as well. I am short 6 SP's and had 5 SP doubles when all was said and done. Its a shame when it takes 5 boxes plus to finish a set, even when SP's are present. You get plenty of base card doubles. I guess all the companies that do short prints think it is a good idea.

Originally short print series, for example last series 71, 72 Topps were done because these packs came out in August or so and most stores still had series 3, and 4 hanging around. Cards were printed on 132 card sheets and sometimes the first series had two sheets worth of cards but anywhere from 1-3 sheets worth depending on the year. Anyway, the last series was often a lot of rookies and other random cards to finish up the set. These were days when even stars were .10 cards so Topps wasn't making a killing on people chasing short prints. Intentionaly Sp's did exist for some small sets as a complete set would win the collector a prize, and people would, presumable, buy more packs looking for that last card.

Back to the Topps sets, if you did find final series packs, a set was easy to obtain becuase only those cards were in the packs. You could get a couple of each card out of a full box. You might not get the set because of bad collation. With 132 cards in the series and 5 cards a pack 27 packs should get you a set if the collation was good. It was possible that some cards were in short supply as a whole stack of sheets could sustain damage to one area, or the cutting maching screwed up a whole bunch of certain cards. This was rumoured to have happened with 88 Donruss. Apparently Greg Jefferies was considered an SP because a pallet of sheets sustained damage to the area of the sheet where his card was located. I think its possible this could have been true because that card was hard to come by early in the 88 season. It was also rumoured that in some years the sheets were printed in two or three configurations and some cards were left out on sheet or the other. Even in the 60's, Topps printed these by the ton. I don'think it was a money making thing to sp a particular card, although it might have been.

Anyway, that's why this Sp stuff in these new sets is crap. The color variation in old topps cards were usually screw ups in the inks. I just dont see Topps printers caring if some cards had black ink on the back while one run had red. Now the heritage cards do that crap on purpose. All the photo variations. Some of these boxes are expensive so thats BS. Then packs were .05 or .15.

Back to the Masterpieces. Its still BS to have that many SP's. The cards are nice though.

Framed cards:
Blue: I think Jack Morris and Randy Johnson are brothers or something


Auto: Who the hell is this guy?

Even after five boxes, one auto and one jersey just isnt enough.


Ross said...

I pulled a Perkins auto from the Goudey box I busted. Good stuff there.

Slette said...

Did you, by any chance, pull a double of the Derek Jeter SP? I've been looking all over for it. Also, did you happen to pull any of the Andy Pettitte Yankee Stadium Legacy cards?