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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Baseball Box 6 of 10

6 of 10 if the other 4 ever get here.

The base set: I am all the way there with the base set but am 4 short of the SP set. This box yielded some doubles and had some funked up collation. In one pack I got an SP and an SP framed parallel. Cards were backward, forward, turned upside down. Anyway, the collation wasn't good.

Framed Parallels:


Blue: Ernie Banks /125, this like the Musial is a nice looking card.

Jersey: I ain't got none. Yup, no jersey card. If you thought these boxes had little value with 1 auto and 1 jersey. Try getting no jersey and...

The auto: Geoff Jenkins. Hmm, yeah, crappy.


Captain Canuck said...

thanks for buying that one... if I ever bought one, it would've been that one.

stusigpi said...

No uh problem man. That auto was in the last pack at the bottom of the box. I was going to freak out if I didn't get either. I would write a letter to Upper Deck, but I'm not sure its worth it.