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Saturday, January 31, 2009

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Baseball Box 11 of 11

Box 11

Out of 11 boxes I ended up 2 SP's short of a set, but had enough cards to make 2-3 base sets. This box's SPs:

Framed Parallel:

Red parallel:

Green: Joltin Joe

The Jersey:

The Auto: yup a double. I did not do well with the autos at all. Except for you Moose, except for you.

I am going to do a wrap up post tomorrow on the autos and jerseys I pulled. I have a ton of SP's for trade including almost all in the want list of Mr. Mosley if he would email me back.


Captain Canuck said...

11 boxes, and no set??? ouch.

I'm glad I didn't buy any of these looking for Braves....

Motherscratcher said...

Why don't you get one more box and make it an even 12? Maybe you'll get lucky and get your set.

Watching these breaks made me a masterpieces fan. It figures that it got scrapped for next year (I think) right when I start to appreciate it.

gritz76 said...

I'm in dire need of some SP help! I have the list up over at Project '62 if you want to help.

mmosley said...

I'll send that email out today seeing as how I was called out.

Hey Gritz76, I still have that box-o-cubs you requested several months ago. Just need an address.

gritz76 said...

I don't have extras but I would let them go in a lop sided trade to finish off your set. If you want me to throw more in let me know.