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Thursday, January 22, 2009

2009 Finest Baseball

I just checked out the Finest writeups on wax heaven and Beckett blog. This joe collector is foaming at the mouth. Looks like Topps ditched the sticker autos for the letter patches. On the downside there will only be two mini boxes per masterbox but you get all the finest goodies such as the redemption anyway. Msrp $70-$75 should be a good price point with boxes running $55-$60 on the bay at time of release. One caveat though. Topps mayo has gotten much more expensive in the last few Days after averaging $75-$80 presell. Now the boxes seem to be $100, but are not widely available. Release wassupposed to be yesterday january 21, but I am not sure if that was the case. I am going to get some but I am going to let the masses finish their frenzy first.


Grand Cards said...

As a point of note: Finest was on-card last year too--may not be indicative of all topps products.

stusigpi said...

I was referring to the letter autos. Letterman hopefully taught Topps a lesson.