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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blogging and breaking

I was planning on posting a 2008 bowman football box today. Not going to happen until Sunday I guess. Ya see I am taking a 3 day weekend at a "nice" coastal resort. They have to have wifi right? They do, if you pay $10 a day. Thieving bastards. My iPhone will have to do for now.

Here is what's coming up. Five boxes of masterpieces. A whole bunch of leaf football from various years and perhaps some ultimate football. Topps mayo is out on the 21st. I will get 5 or so boxes in February. I am going to grab some 07 sweet spot baseball and football in February as well. There will be the smattering of random eBay boxes throughout including leaf limited when it finally arrives.


thenennthinning said...

I think I'm looking to buy some 07 sweet spot baseball too. The lowest price I found so far is around $50 on eBay. DA on eBay is 45 + 7 shipping. How do you get your lowest prices?

stusigpi said...

The best prices are random auctions on eBay. I bid a preset amount and wait till I finally win one.

I also have a premier account at da cardworld. There is a minimum purchase amount to get the account but you get free shipping. If you are interested contact brad lohr at da and he can fill you in on the details. There are some prices at da that eBay can't touch.

I have found da to have better prices than blowout and big t unless either of those are having a sale.

Wax Heaven said...

My God, I dub you the King of Masterpieces! Hope you get something REALLY nice!