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Friday, January 2, 2009

Bowl Games, Conferences, and Rankings

So the Pac-10 went 5-0 in bowls.

Arizona V. BYU - This game wasn't as close as the final score would indicate. Arizona dominated the game. BYU is one of those teams that is pretty good, but they aren't elite. Yup, the beat Washington and UCLA, buy Arizona only did what any major conference team should have.

Oregon State v. Pitt: 3-0. OSU played good defense. Pitt played worse offense. OSU was missing its two best running backs. That still doesn't excuse their terrible offensive performance.

Cal v. Miami: Close game, shouldn't have been. Cal was clearly better.

Oregon v. Ok St.: The Ducks are clearly better. The QB ran over not one but two defensive players. The Duck defense played well. If the offense could have got rolling in the first half, it would have been 50+ on the board.

USC V. Penn st.: This game was a blowout. 31-7 in the first half. 17 points in garbage time does not a close game make. Big 10 fans can say what they want about the travel, that if the game was in a cold climate things would be different. Well, no bowl games are played in cold weather. That's why they don't play the Super Bowl in New England. Anyway, USC dominated.

Yet, this Yahoo over at MSNBC dismisses the Pac-10 outright. Here is my issue. Ok St. got beat, Texas Tech got their ass handed to them by Ole Miss. Alabama wasn't that competitive with Utah, LSU is garbage. I won't comment on the BCS bowls that are left. Why doesn't anyone criticize the Big 10, Big 12, or SEC. I realize that Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, and Ohio State are yet to play, but come on. The reason why these teams got free passes to their respective bowl games is because of how tough their conferences are, yet, the teams that were supposedly tough are getting their butts kicked.

I am not going to say that Oregon or USC are better than Florida, Oklahoma or Texas, but they have proven that they would be competitive yet the media dismisses them outright while praising other conferences. Usc was summarily dismissed after loosing to Oregon State on the road, by less than a TD. But wait, didn't all of the top 5 have a loss?

Look at the non conference games and it is easy to see that the SEC and Big 12 aren't exactly playing tough teams. Troy? The Citidel? Really?

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