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Monday, January 19, 2009

Card Shop thoughts: Renting Retail Space

What economic downturn?

My Christmas present to my grandparents was taking them out for lunch. So I headed on down the Five and arrived in the Cottage Grove area. Not Wisconsin, Oregon of Course. Arrving a half hour early I thought I would drive around the downtown area looking for any open store fronts. Yeah, Came up with zero. I was expecting at least a couple. I mean these are the buildings featured in Animal House during the parade scene and they haven't been improved much since that Epic was shot...Thirty years ago. There seems to be these economically bullet proof antique shops. I didn't know people actually bought anything from those. Maybe they are a business modeled like mine, not for substantial income.

Regardless, I did find a couple of places a bit out of the way. A few with big glass windows. What do I do if they get broken out? That eats up quite a bit of cash, so I will have to look to see whether the landlord covers those. I bet not. Also, how much do I have to worry about a burglary? The shop in Salem was burglarized some time ago with thousands of dollars of wax stolen. Nothing I would care to open, but expensive none-the-less. Anyway, things I have to think about.

Anyway, it looks like I might be finding space a bit off main street. If I do, then I will have to rely a bit more on advertising. There are all types of businesses downtown.

Cafe's, antiques, bars, banks, etc. so I am looking forward to a diverse traffic flow, but I hope I will be close enough to it to take advantage. Other than downtown there isn't much in Cottage Grove that could drive any amount of traffic. The search continues... but I did find something online


High ceilings, big windows. 28 S. 6th (Old City Hall Bldg.) 1,577 sq.ft. @ .44 per foot = $700. 942-4054

Retail/Commercial space available for lease. Approx. 1100 sq.ft. -- office/retail? Was tanning salon. $695/mo + 1st/last/dep. 942-7081


Captain Canuck said...

I'm telling ya... a website, offering huge shipping discounts to your Canadian friends...

Anonymous said...

Where is the second location?

Anyway, I'd go with that one since the big windows would also mean having to do security bars, I would think.

It'd be nice too since it spaces out the shops along the I5 corridor. I just wish someone would re-open again in the south. Three cards shops have closed in the Medford area, and I wouldn't be surprised if Jack's in Grants Pass closes soon as well.

stusigpi said...

One place is by the Texaco on 99 where the bowling lanes are, where the emporium used to be. There was a pawn shop in there a few years ago. No bars that I can see. Maybe they were taken down and sold.

There are 2-3 places right off main street on the side roads.

Anonymous said...

Advertising is key, but you also want to have a certain amount of foot/vehicle traffic. I have 2 shops within 10 min of me, and it took me over a year to find them both bc they NEVER advertise. Obviously you need to promote in your area, but I'm also sure Mario would be more than willing to pimp it for you, and you may want to sign up at Freedom Card Board.

As far as whatever kind of windows you have, 2 words. Security System. Even if you never get hit, the cost is neglegible. If you get hit once, it'll pay for itself 10-fold. If you find you are actually turning a decent profit, you can upgrade to cameras, which also help with theft while you're open.

I don't have the financing currently, but I want to open my own shop in IL eventually, and I have a TON of ideas/observations. If you'd like some more suggestions/ideas, feel free to contact me through my blog.