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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cry me a river Colts Fans

Colts fans are crying far and wide about the officiating in last nights game.

First, the defensive holding. Honestly, I missed the play. So I can't comment. I did see one little replay that didn't show me much. A few years ago Grant Wistrom, when he played for the Rams, got called for defensive holding on the line. So it has been called before. I bitched right when they called it because I had never seen it. ON the replay it was clear that if an O-Line guy did it, it would have been holding.

The Intentional Grounding No-Call: That was not intentional grounding. There are plays like that week in and week out where the RB is engaged in a block and the QB, in trouble, throws it at the feet of the RB with no hope of completion. It happens all the time and they never call it. Look at the rule, it says there must be a realistic chance of completion. There was just as much chance here as when the QB throws it 20 yards up. These types of plays are never called because the receiver was "in the area". I have heard that phrase a thousand times. Yes, literally. I watch a lot of football.

The Defensive Holding: This might be a legitimate gripe. It looked like Gates may have engaged the defender, but when the ball was about to be in the air and Gates went to go, he was held at best and illegal contact at worse. It was a legitimate call. Was it a good call? Probably should have let them play, but if Cromartie would have done that to Gonzo or Clark, Colts fans would have been screaming.

The Face Mask: On the intitial play it was hard to see. They showed a reverse angle slo mo replay and it was obvious.

Falcons fans had a legitimate gripe about the safety because the in the grasp rule has been applied so inconsistently that no one is to know, but if the defender would have thrown Ryan to the ground he would have been flagged. Plus the O-line guy had his arms wrapped around the guy that had his arms around Ryan. Thus a hold in the endzone that would have been a safety anyway.

Even the Falcons' message boards said that the refs blew the last call where the Cards' defender was held as he was about to sack Ryan and thus a safety should have been called but wasn't.

Holding: I get that Colts fans think that the refs missed O-line holding on the Chargers all night. Yeah, that goes both ways. The refs could call holding on damn near every play.

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