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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kinda Blog Bat Around - Direction of the industry

Topps: Cut the Crap.

Topps Base should be the base. No need for opening day, put them on cardboard stock. No need for gloss. Series 1 - 3 sheets worth 396 cards. Series 2 - 2 sheets 264 cards - released in July around the All-Star Break. Wait, release them the day before the All-Star Game. Series 3 - 1 sheet 132 cards - Traded and Rookies released two weeks before the playoffs start Cut the highlight crap, I don't need it. The retail version $1 per pack 10 cards not that many inserts. Screw the Jerseys and autos in retail. Hobby $3 per pack - 15 cards. Print Series accordingly. If you print 1/2 the run by the card of the last series you can sell them out.

Chrome - Different Pics from the base set. 24 Sp's or so. Autos 2 per box. But cut the crap. No more crap autos. If the player isn't on the national stage - distribute regionally. Make the SP and distribution tricks all stealth like.

Finest - 150 cards - High end product - Kick ass autos and jerseys. Integrate Sterling into this product because your sterling can't stand on its own. Every other box has a sterling type hit with an msrp of $150 per box. Autos refractors whatever. You would sell this stuff by the truckload.

Heritage - 396 cards - Integrate all of your regular retired stuff here.

Other Set: Experimental set every year, gives you a chance to try new stuff. Topps, buddy, your market is too segmented. I don't need all this random stuff laying around. Bowman, Bowchro, Sterling, Bowmans Best, Draft Picks. Cut the crap. Tighten up your offerings and you might get me to buy your stuff. Right now you have too many useless autos of people that ain't got no shot. If I knew that every 5th box had a sweet auto, you might get me. No more single color jerseys for the sake of having them.

Upper Deck: Cut the Crap - Documentery, timelines, elements, spectrum, x, masterpieces, heroes, on and on and on and on.

Base: Take it back to the old school. 700 cards all one series and an update set 100 cards.

Legends Set: Yeah, I only need one of these.

SPX or SP Authentic: Make up your damn mind. Cut the random rookie autos.

Exquisite or High end: Ultimate, Exquisite, whatever. Its one or the other. Just make one awesome product.

Just go bankrupt already.

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Grand Cards said...

I get it, you're saying that the companies should cut...no wait, I lost it. What should they cut?