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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Masterpieces, Masterpieces, everywhere masterpieces

Yeah, so looks like I have two more boxes of this stuff coming. $32.89 each. How do people not outbid me? How? It is an easy search: "Masterpieces box". Am I the only one that buys them?


Anonymous said...

You should break some boxes of '07 Sweet Spot, I've seen them go for as low as $40. In terms of the hits, it might be worthwhile

stusigpi said...

I am a little concerned because of the fading signature issue that mario pointed out a few days ago. I noticed that with my one sweet spot auto I have. I see the regular is around 40 and the Classics are 65. Thanks for the suggestion.

Captain Canuck said...

it looks like everyone is holding off on picking up older stuff with the anticipation of the new stuff hitting in the next week or so.
Me? I'm just being good and paying off Christmas first..

Anonymous said...

I have about 20 Sweet Spot sigs, and only 2 are faded. It all depends on the color ink.

Also, I have never pulled a faded one from a tin. Maybe I'm just lucky.

They're a ton of fun to break though. 4-5 hits for $40 you can't really go wrong.