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Monday, January 26, 2009

Mayo, Mario, and Upper Deck

If you check out Ebay right now, you will notice that Mayo boxes are starting to appear. I see a ton of Blasters and a few boxes popping up. When boxes were first posted presell, the price was around $75 and cases from DA cardworld were $560. As time went on, Blowout blew up the the pricing but asking well in excess of $100 a box. I also saw that Blowout was putting premium on cases. Maybe the guaranteed case hit had some draw.

As of right now, one seller has boxes starting at $99 with BIN at $113 or 2 at $199 with BIN at $209. It will be very interesting to see how that goes. I predict that prices will fall to $60-$75 shortly even if the case run is small. There are plenty of popular products out there with small print runs that go for much less than retail. Additionally, lets not forget that you still only get 3 hitsedit 2 hits per box (maybe enough for me), but the autos are on card. I would suggest waiting until mid March after Super Bowl fever has be eradicated. Maybe the delay was Topps increasing the production run? Or simply on card auto took a while as Steven Judd points out football autos must go through Players Inc.

Congratulations to Mario on receiving yet another batch of promotional boxes from Upper Deck.. Mario gets more hits on his blog than all of the rest of us. Although I am curious as to whether some of the visitors to his site are actually religious candle collectors? Just giving you a bad time.

Shameless plug time. I wouldn't mind receiving some promo product. Heck I might even be willing to promote a particular distributor for steep discounts on products. I'm just saying. Yup I'm for sale. Let the hate mail/thoughts begin.


Motherscratcher said...

I can't believe you. I'm so disappointed. This is terrible, one of the worst things ever to happen to the sports card blogosphere.

It's wrong



Just figured I'd get the ball rolling.

Anonymous said...

*snort* Like we all wouldn't want product. ;)

As long as your IMPARTIALITY is not for sale, let the offers begin :)

Captain Canuck said...

I have a lot of pride... but it too, can be bought.

Wax Heaven said...

As long as you don't try to tell us that Razor is the next great thing...I am all for it.

stusigpi said...

Tristar and Razor are the best products ever. Don't forget Sport kings. Please make your checks payable to cash and mail them to
Joe Collector.

My Impartiality will cost an extra case of cards.