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Friday, January 2, 2009

MVP's, Ticket Prices, and Blackout Stupidity

I have said before that I think Kurt Warner deserves the MVP. I have checked out blogs, websites, stats, everything I can think of and I have come to one conclusion. Peyton Manning fans have lost their mind.

Essentially 18to88 does nothing but tear Kurt Warner down. In fact, there are two or three pretty hateful posts over there. According to the regulars, Manning is the second coming of god and all those that think he isn't the greatest QB ever is the anti christ. I actually like Manning. He is a great QB and I pulled for Indy to win the SB. If they win it this year, great, but Manning is not the MVP. Looking at the numbers, he is 5th in QB rating. Love it or hate, the QB rating is the standard that QB's are now measured. Sure there are yards, completion percentage, TD's, etc, but Manning didn't measure up there either.

Manning lovers point to a couple of reasons why others are not the MVP. They say that Warner had a terrible game at New England. He sure did. 30 yards, got yanked in the 3rd. They fail to mention that there was a blizzard that day. But Cassel had a bunch of yards. He sure did, but the Cards defense was amongst the worst in the NFL and those are conditions that NE should be used to playing in. Actually that 30 yard performance supports the Warner movement. The cards had 0 points while he was in. That means they had no running game what so ever. But the Colts have the 31st ranked running game, yeah and the Cards are 32nd. In addition, even with that performance, Warner still had more yards, more TD's, and a higher rating.

But the Cards played in a weak NFC West and only went 9-7. They sure did and they won all six games in their division. They also beat Buffalo, Miami and Dallas. They lost to, the Giants as did everyone else, the Eagles who beat the Giants, the Patriots who won 11 games, the Vikings a playoff team, Carolina a playoff team. the Jets who without an absolute collapse would have won their division and the Redskins. The Eagles, Jets, Carolina, New England and Redskins were all road games. Who did the Colts lose to? Chicago at home, Jacksonville at home, Green Bay and Tennesee. One quality opponent. Who did they beat? Minnesota by 3 only giving up 15 points, Houston, Baltimore, New England, Pitt, Houston again, San Diego, Cleveland, Cinci, Detroit, Jacksonville and a Tennessee's third string.

My point is with the record is that the cards schedule was about the same and they have a terrible defense and no running game. Without Warner they are no where. But the Madness doesn't end there.

Adrien Peterson isn't worthy because he had a couple games of fumbles. Peterson deserves the MVP more than Manning. AP was a beast. The Vikes survived Gus and T-Jack's inexperience. They did play some good defense. And Berrian was a stud too. But the Vikes are nowhere without AP. AP deserves the MVP as well.

Pennington: Chad didn't have the gaudy numbers of Warner, but he was efficient and didn't turn the ball over. He got help from Brown and Williams that ran for 1500 plus yards, and they gave up only 19.8 points on defense. I don't think Pennington was quite as valuable as AD or Warner. He had a good year, but any competent QB could have gotten them to the playoffs.

Rivers: The same argument against Warner is used against Warner. The crappy division. The Chargers lost to good teams too. The chargers had 30 YPG more rushing than the Cards and gave up 6 points less a game. Rivers had 34 TD's and even survived LT sucktitude during the year, but he pulled it together the last few games. Especially against Denver in the season finale.

Brees: Monster year, crappy team. Some just don't believe you can be MVP on a non playoff team.

The fact is that Manning wasn't more valuable than any of the players I have named above. His numbers with 5th best amongst QB's, he had a kick ass defense, and a lot of cream puffs in the schedule.

The MVP should be Warner, AP or Pennington. Manning will probably win because of his popularity.

The sad thing is that the Cards can't sell out their home playoff game. This blew my mind. Really, you can't sell out? It is easy to see why. Phoenix is one of the hardest hit areas in the housing downturn, thus their economy is suffering. They don't have the rabid fan base of the Steelers, Colts, Bears, Jets, Giants, etc. Fans of those teams will mortgage the house to go to a playoff game. Thinking I might fly down for the game if tickets were still available I looked to see how much they are. The cheapest tickets are $50 plus $22 in Ticketraper fees. The $80 tickets are in section 101. Thats the one in the corner of the endzone. Really $80 plus Ticketraper fees? That's $200 or so for 2 to go to a game. There are still the $420 tickets available too. I, like many, have an HD TV and a sports bar nearby. Its pretty hard to justify spending that kind of cash in a severly down economy when you can watch it in HD for FREE!. Its not like blacking it out is going to suddenly put $200 of extra money in people's pockets. When they black it out, people just won't watch it. Good job.

Which leads me to Blackout rules. Nobody is going to drop $200 bills on tickets because you black out the game. Its like Darth Vader and the Empire are running the NFL. Why do that to your fans? Plus how much are the TV rights worth as opposed to those 10000 unsold tickets? Are you better off blacking it out or making that TV money? Maybe they make the TV money anyway. I don't know, but that's a shitty thing to do. Blackouts should not be allowed. Talk about killing your fan base. How are people supposed to be fans if they don't know what they are missing?

Bottom Line: Just lower the ticket prices for Christ Sake.


Sooz said...

sorry about peyton

stusigpi said...

The overall voting really bugs me. However, the Chargers just finished off Manning about 10 minutes ago. At this point Warner and Peterson are still kicking around. I guess Manning has that MVP award to sit next to him on the couch as he watches the rest of the playoffs.