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Friday, January 30, 2009

Next break, Upper Deck, Donruss and Topps

The question I have been asking myself is what should I bust next. Normally there are many releases that are out there. Mayo perhaps? The issue there is the checklist went from awesome to awe crap. Chris Harris at Stale gum gave his break a high rating. Which puts me in a quandry. I would like to bust a case of this stuff because I like the cards, but I really wanted that JoePa auto. There are other autos to be had, but there are some concerns about the condition of the cards. I have experienced that before with 2007 Topps basketball and to a greater extent 2008 Bowman Football. Of course if someone sent me a box to review, it might set my mind at ease. The T-51 Murad Basketball is compelling as well, but who knows if we can trust Topps at this point with their checklists? I would be more than happy to review the basketball products as well.

I suppose I could continue with Finest. I am very anxious for Finest Baseball to come out.

Upper Deck has some nice stuff coming out. Exquisite looks good, SPA, and I could give rookie threads a go too. Expensive stuff to be sure. SPX and SPA look like leading candidates. Ultimate collection baseball looks like a winner too. I will check Blowout, DA, BigT and the Bay and see what I can come up with. Perhaps I can go back and bust a bunch of heroes football and baseball. I still haven't busted hockey this year, hmmm? Icons still hasn't come down too much in price. Maybe when 09 baseball products hit other prices will come down.

Donruss: I just busted a bunch of Leaf stuff from the past few years and was not blown away. National Treasures and Prime cuts are just too big of a gamble at this point. Maybe a mess of threads baseball. I don't know.

I have decided to pass on sweet spot. I like the product, but the fading autos are not acceptable.

Any thoughts?

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Chris S said...


How about some Allen & Ginter? I know nothing about it, there are few sets out there plus I think there are a few hits per box. I feel like a widespread box break with the SPs and the Minis would be as challenging as anything.