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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reboot and an idea

In the world of comics, when a title gets too far off track the title is rebooted starting at day 1. The writers and artists are fired and a new team is brought in. The origin and other stories are retold, the characters are the same, the story line is tightened up and away the title goes. Everyone knows that panini is going to be the only licensed NBA card producer. I think this might be a good idea. Cards have become so convoluted that I see this as a positive. Topps, chrome, finest, draft, ud base, spa, spx, ultimate blah blah blah. It's all the same now and the BB market is in sad shape because of it. Mlbpa and nflpa will be watching and may make a similar move. Although MLB is suing the pants off donruss right now. As a collector I want donruss to win, but that is only because it gives more choice to the consumer. Legally I wouldn't want to be in donruss' shoes because their infringement if any is willful.

Panini might take bb cards back to their origin. Many have asked what experience panini has for gu and autos. None but that's ok. How many single color jersey or sticker autos do we need? Hardly any. I'm sure panini will produce these cards but hopefully at a minimum. Could you imagine a single set with a few sp's and all hard signed Autos released a month or so after the draft? I would be happy because then it would be possible to collect the set. Each player could have 1500 autos so that building a set would be possible. Charge $8.00 a pack for hobby with 1:4 auto rate and retail for $2.50 with a 1:24 rate for autos for set builders. 24 sp's with 4 per box both hobby and retail. Pretty simple over all and from a collector's stand point I like that. We will be seeing these cards in 7-8 months, time will tell. I just don't see panini putting out 12 releases. I am not sure now many they can put out under the contract. Maybe this move will get Topps and Ud to lookat their current business model and revise it. Maybe the NBA thought that their product was being diluted too much?

Now for my idea. It ocurred to me the other night while watching a laker game that most players wear 82 jerseys a season, maybe only 40 or so if injured. Plus playoffs etc. Especially Kobe, lebron, and other stars. I also noticed that Kobe's jersey was 5 feet long. Other than natural patches or multi color jersey pieces, wouldn't it be cool if instead of single color jersey cards, the manufacturers embroidered logos and such onto the single color swatches. These would be "manufactured" in a sense but a real piece of jersey would be used. Kind of like those fake logo swatches that we are seeing now. I assume their is nothing game worn about them, if there is then disregard what I am saying. Anyway they take a 1 1/2 by 2 swatch cut from a jersey and embroider a team logo on them.

The other thing that needs to be done is that Topps needs to stop putting cut out windows on triple crap and sterling and just put one giant swatch on the card. Like those jumbo patch cards.

That is all.


NTXCoog said...

Beckett's story said the contract calls for 15-20 products per season. WAY too many. Since they are exclusive for trading cards AND stickers, maybe some of those 15-20 are sticker sets. Maybe some of those 15-20 are foreign country specific products e.g. Italian NBA cards. Let's hope so. Still too many unless you have about 15 foreign country products.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought the Panini thing might be a positive trend for sports cards until I saw that line in the Beckett story too.

I think best hope for the baseball card market is to cut back on the total number of products produce and tailor each of them to a specific market segment. It's clear that it's nearly impossible to be all things to all people at the same time.